The Path of Crow ~ Journey to Your Inner Treasure

Ordination Path: Interfaith Minister

In the first half of the study, Preparations, you'll be exploring the treasure's crucible, spiritual practice, from a variety of faith traditions. You'll examine various forms of meditation and prayer and become familiar with the process of co-creating with the Creator through the interplay of personal will and divine surrender. You'll recieve detailed guidance on how to create a spiritual practice that resonates with your inner knowing, how to deal with obstacles as they arise and, ultimately, how to become an alchemist turning the challenges of practice into the gold of the journey.

In the second half of the study, Creating Your Vision of Ministry, you'll distill the impulse(s) of your inner joy as well as the major lessons and themes of your experience which are necessary and critical components of your personal ministery character and vision. You'll be offered opportunities for alchemy, to polish your inner treasure, by transforming patterns that no longer serve as well as to cultivate focus, courage and the inner inspiration to live from an open heart. And, as you clarify your personal vision of ministry and prepare for its manifestation, you'll be supported to offer it as an expression of beauty, in service.


Please click on Modules 1, 14, 16, and/or 20 for a more detailed look at the coursework offerings

Introduction: Redefining Ministry in the Coming Age

Module 1: Crow: Sacred Guide to the Inner Realms

Module 2: Forging a New Spiritual Vision of Ministry

Part 1: Entering the Treasure's Crucible: Spiritual Practice

Module 3: Spiritual Practice - The Direct Path

Module 4: Obstacles to Spiritual Practice

Module 5: Strategies for Working with Obstacles

Module 6: Will and Surrender - Flying Nowhere

Part 2: Navigating the Inner Landscape: Tools for Excavating

Module 7: Prayer - Coming Barefoot to the Ledge

Module 8: Meditation - Stepping Deep

Module 9: Overview of Different Forms of Meditation

Module 10: Sound - The Divine Echo

Module 11: Guidelines for Creating a Spiritual Practice

Module 12: Index of Spiritual Practices from a Variety of World Religions

Part 3: Hearing the Cry of the Soul: A Closer Look at the Treasure

Module 13: Sensing Joy - The Treasure of the Heart

Module 14: Becoming Extraordinary - Three Stories

Module 15: Being the Lover, the Love and the Beloved

Creating Your Vision of Ministry

Part 4: Uncovering the Treasure: Excavating Your Ministry Vision

Module 16: Two Birds - Acting and Witnessing

Module 17: A Study of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic (Please see Living the Prayer of Jesus: A Study of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic)

Module 18: The Joyful Impulse My Personal Ministry Character: Joy Filled Abilities and Interests

Module 19: Lessons of the Lotus My Personal Ministry Character: Essential Life Lessons

Module 20: Beliefs and Principles My Ministry's Guiding Beliefs and Principles

Part 5: Polishing the Treasure: Becoming Brilliant

Module 20: Healing and Transforming Unwanted Patterns

Module 21: Healing and Transforming Unwanted Patterns

Module 22: Forgiving and Releasing into Freedom

Module 23: Cultivating Single-Pointed Courage

Module 24: Living From an Open Heart

Part 6: Offering the Treasure: Creating Your Ministry Blueprint

Module 25: Coming Full Circle My Personal Life Vision

Module 26: Living My Ministry My Personal Ministry Vision

Module 27: Communicating My Personal Ministry Vision

Part 7: Traditional Treasures: Basic Skills for Ministers

Module 28: Creating Sacred Spaces - Worship Services

Module 29: Creating and Officiating Weddings

Module 30: Creating and Overseeing Memorial Services

Module 31: Creating Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremonies

For those seeking ordination, there are homework assignments, mostly in the form of personal reflection questions, for each module. These assignments are completed and sent in electronically. All homework is then reviewed, checked off for completion, and returned. All assigned homework for each module of study in Preparations must be completed to proceed to Creating Your Vision of Ministry. Completion of all homework assignments for all modules is required to meet requirements for graduation/ordination.

For those not seeking ordination, please visit our Non-Ordination Path: Independent Study, to learn more.

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