Whether you are seeking ordination or wanting to engage in independent study, the vision of The Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary program is to:

Provide opportunities for each participant to experience an innate connection with the Creator. We understand that, while we will always have and need teachers, healers and guides on the path, we are intimately connected to the Divine Source.

Cultivate and celebrate the awareness that each of us is a treasure and that we each have a unique part to play in the Divine plan.

Offer a systematic methodology, including tools and a treasure map, to support the journey to discover the inner treasure.

Offer guidance and support for each participant to explore and excavate this unique treasure from the deep caves of spiritual practice and silence.

Support each participant in offering his/her unique inner treasure in service to the greater good.

In addition, specifically for those seeking ordination:

Redefine "ministry" for the coming age. Instead of asking, "To what religion should I belong?" we ask, "What does God want from my life? What is my unique soul print? What is my treasure?" From our deepest knowing we may discover we are, in fact, drawn to an existing faith tradition, or are drawn to forge new paths within an existing faith tradition or, perhaps, forge a new path altogether.

Offer training in traditional ministerial duties.

Provide a context for the study of the world religions.

Provide individual support in maintaining a regular spiritual practice.

Provide an opportunity to engage in meaningful community service.

Bestow legal ordination, by The Tree of Life Interfaith Temple, enabling graduates to officially engage in and enjoy all the rights and privileges of clergy.

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